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TIMES THREE - Cover.jpg


Feeling herself being drawn towards a life in law enforcement, Vahn Carver enters into the police academy. As a cop on the streets she longs to become a detective in the Homicide Division. Once there, she is assigned to a serial murder investigation. Her only downfall is that the man she’s after knows she is coming, and he is waiting for her. On the first night he makes sure you are worthy. On the second, he takes the most intimate details of your life and plans his presentation. On the third you become his victim. He plans to be revered as the most detailed and intricate killer of all time. Each of his victims are killed in a way that mirrors their life. The victims are linked to one another only by the marks he leaves behind. Times Three will take you into the world and mind of Raynor Reese.



Four storylines follow characters who need to make changes in their lives and do just that. We see what truly happens, yet the circumstantial evidence left behind shows something very different.

GINA – Days before her fully paid $50,000 wedding Gina discovers her fiancé has been having an affair with her best friend.

MARY – Her abusive husband of 30 years has kept her in the country secluded from everyone. Looking at the reflection of her bruises she becomes inspired to be free.

CALVIN – Psychopath that works in an office next to an annoying co-worker he decides to “play with”.

JASMINE –16-year-old whose mother marries a real estate developer that abuses her. Jasmine’s mother threatens her to keep the abuse hidden. At 18 Jasmine repays them both.

The Divorce Diet - Cover.jpg
The Divorce Diet


Going through a divorce typically means going from two incomes to one. This loss can cause serious issues for your financial situation. The Divorce Diet will help you analyze your budget to determine the best “diet” for your individual circumstance. In addition, this program will give you valuable information on how to build or repair your credit and provides a Workbook template to assist you with the process of creating a new budget, obtaining optimal credit scores, and setting personal goals to ensure that you are set for success.

My Friend Gavin - Let's Be Friends


My Friend Gavin is the introduction to the series that shares all of the great things that Gavin loves to do! Gavin has Down Syndrome and is a Leukemia survivor and he wants to share his story with all of his friends that may be going through the same thing. Gavin’s favorite things are books, dinosaurs, and hiking. Gavin wants to share his first adventure with you, and there are many more to come!

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